One Scout’s Big Haul

Posted on Oct 27 by Jean

Boy Scout Michael Rooney submitted plans for his Eagle Scout project to his review board: to collect used glasses for New Eyes for the Needy, going door-to-door to 1,000 homes. The review board replied back: make it 3,000 homes.  Gulp.

So Michael and his troop went to work knocking on 3,000 doors – and collected 1,292 pairs of used glasses! Michael and his parents visited New Eyes on Friday, October 26 to donate the big haul of used glasses. For Michael and his fellow scouts, the experience was an enriching and unforgettable one, as they first encountered stern faces from doorways. The scouts explained their project for New Eyes and then saw those faces turn into smiles of admiration (and probably relief that they weren’t being asked for money!) Michael’s father said that once people understood what the scouts were asking for, they would have the boys wait while they scurried inside their homes to find used glasses. The scouts received good wishes and hugs, something not many door-to-door knockers ever experience!

New Eyes thanks Michael and his troop for their hard work and countless hours on our behalf. The glasses will be sorted and categorized into different classifications, then packed and shipped overseas for distribution to poor children and adults. And often it’s the first and only pair of glasses these individuals will ever own. Indeed, Michael and his troop will make a long and lasting impact on their lives – and have touched the hearts of the people whose doors they knocked on!