New Eyes’ Glasses Making a Difference in Mozambique

Posted on Sep 18 by Jean

This month, New Eyes received an email from Tim George, who works in Mozambique, Africa. He took several boxes of donated glasses for distribution there in partnership with a local opthalmologist, who has been a great help in identifying people in need of glasses. Following are a few thoughts Tim shared with us:

“Today I even have a lady coming from 3 days out to pick up a pair. She is a +2, and not just for reading either. She is suffering but has never been able to find glasses. So, the ophthalmologists and friends are spreading the word that we have glasses, and so our distribution has mostly been with small groups or individuals who have their prescription. We set up one day a week to distribute although we never turn somebody down that comes at a different time.

“One of the doctors just stopped by yesterday too to ask about our strong prescriptions. He was looking for +5 which we don’t have but also for minus prescriptions because they practically don’t exist in the country. I was very glad to tell we have plenty and lots of really strong ones so he said he will return with some of his more needy patients.

“I am attaching photos. One is just a little fun photo with our family as we sorted and organized the glasses. But some of the stories from these people are incredible. The lady in the photo that received her pair of glasses said she has been looking for a pair for 27 years and never been able to find any. The one man reading and choosing glasses sitting next to me also has a severe problem with his eyes and needed a very strong prescription that he could never find as well. People are blessed by this ministry and it is changing their lives. So again I just wanted to say thank you and will try to send more pics when I can.”